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The hydro extractor shows normal but the bee does not work nor works Fault phenomenon

The user introduced that after the hydro extractorautomatic washing machine is turned on and the function button is operated, the display is normal, but the buzzer does not sound and the entire machine cannot enter the normal working state.
10 Failure Analysis
According to the user’s introduction, the location where such failure occurs is usually related to the system control microprocessor circuit of the whole machine. When overhauling, this part of the circuit can be checked first.
1) Check that the voltage of +5 V applied to pins 9, 9, 9 and 10 of the microprocessor IC6 (ATMEGA16C) is within the normal value range and is stable.
(2) There is no obvious abnormality in the reset voltage provided to the 4th pin of the microprocessor IC6 (ATN block GA16C).
(3) Oscillating waveforms on the clock oscillation pin 8 and the 7-pin circuit of the chip IC6 (ATMEGA16C) are normal. Suspected IC6 (ATMEGA16C) zero-crossing detection circuit has a medical problem, the relevant circuit shown in Figure
(4) Examine the relevant components in the zero-crossing detection circuit externally connected to pin 1 of IC6 (ATMEGA16C), and find that one of the pins of the R80 resistor is in the state of dummy welding.
2. Troubleshooting
Adding tin to the R80 resistor Weld Welded Pin was re-welded firmly and the power supply was switched on. The washing machine’s operation resumed normal and the fault was eliminated.

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Overflow dyeing machine works

The overflow dyeing machine is a dyeing cylinder with a length of about 10 meters. It has a rotating wheel to drive the cloth to rotate. In the lower part of the dyeing machine is a thick and long dyeing tank. The dyeing liquid is present in the dyeing tank and the dyeing of the cloth. The process mainly consists of dyeing in the lower dyeing tank, controlling the time of the infiltration of the cloth in the dyeing tank by controlling the running speed of the cloth, and also controlling the dyeing effect. This dyeing machine is a group of four, each group The dyeing tank is thought of as a connected principle, and the ingredient bar is on the side, which leads to the disadvantage of the dyeing machine, that is, the dyeing result may be that the dyeing effect of the cloth produced by each bar is different. The distance from the dosing tank is far and near, and the four-cylinder exhibits a light to dark effect. For fabrics with darker colors, the impact will not be great, and it is not suitable for lighter colors. The dyeing of cloths tends to have different effects on the degree of staining.
Working principle: There is a runner inside to drive the cloth to rotate. The dyeing process of the cloth mainly lies in the dyeing in the lower dyeing tank. By controlling the running speed of the cloth, the time of the infiltration of the cloth in the dyeing tank is controlled, and the dyeing is also controlled. effect.
1,Overflow dyeing machine in the “overflow”:
(3) Form: artificially designed overflow pattern.
(4) Definition: The phenomenon that the solid surface adsorbate (ion or radical) migrates to the secondary active center is called flooding.
(5) Illustration:
ACO, NO, and some hydrocarbon molecules may overflow when adsorbed.
b: Overflow of water overflows.
c: When the column pressure of the drilling fluid is less than the formation pressure, the formation fluid will flow into the well. This flow is called overflow.
2. Advantages: Optimize the design and reasonable configuration of the nozzle, guide pipe and cloth storage tank, so that the fabric is in a relaxed and unfolded state during the dyeing process under different bath ratio conditions, achieving level dyeing.
3. Disadvantages of dyeing machine: The result of dyeing may be that the dyeing effect of the cloth produced by each bar is different, and the distance from the material feeding cylinder is far and near, and the four-cylinder exhibits a color from shallow to deep.

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